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Philadelphia Cricket League 2017 Details

Dear Folks,

Greetings from Philadelphia Cricket League

I hope most of you know me and have met me during the PCL 40 over finals this year. I am the founding director of PCL.  I was overseas most of the time and have moved back last year to US. Since being in US, I have dedicated time to spend on PCL during forth coming years. I will communicate with all teams regarding PCL plans for future years and would also take the opportunity to call you to have your view and discuss any other matters.

I would like to inform you that we are considering the followings for the PCL-2017.

PCL-40 overs

1. Prize money to be raised to $5500 for 40 over

2. Forty over games to be spread over Saturday and Sundays to avoid any conflict with other Leagues

3. Membership fee $750/club including liability insurance and 18 balls each

4. Forty over schedule to be provided by April 20th.

5. Please note that we will break the fee in two equal payments. Ist payment due date Dec. 31st and 2nd payment due date Jan 31st.

Spring T-20

1. Spring T20 fee for PCL members $200/club that includes 6 balls for regular games. League will provide balls for Qtr, Semi and Final

2. Spring T20 fee for non-PCL members $350 that includes liability insurance, 6 balls for regular games. League will provide balls for Qtr, Semi and Final.

3. Spring T20 starts first weekend in April and the schedule to be ready by March 20th.

Fall T-20

It’s under consideration and have some other plans as well which would be informed accordingly.

PCL Sunday 40 Overs:

We want to take input from you for a possible another 40 over division in PCL based on following:,

Probable for discussion,

1. We are considering for another PCL 40 overs division

2. We will keep the option open as well if there are min 8 teams

3. This division will play only on Sundays

4. Teams matches would be scheduled to avoid any conflict with other Leagues

5. Membership fee PCL Sunday 40 Overs will be $650. Each team will get 12 league balls assuming there are min 10 teams.

6. Teams playing PCL-40 Overs will be charged just $500, if they participate in this PCL Sunday 40 Overs

7. There will be cash prize of $2000 that will be distributed among Finalist $1250 and runner-up $750.

8. PCL Sunday 40 overs games will start after the commencement of Spring T20 final. 

Please provide you opinions and feedback by Monday 12/12/2016 as it is very important for planning another joyful and successful year. It would enable us to announce our plans by Tuesday 12/13/2015.

We will hold AGM and Umpires training in March 2017.

Please feel free to call me with any questions and discussion.



Amjad Inam

On behalf of Executive Committee


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