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TunnTunn is a social media site for anyone related to sports in whichever role(s) to showcase their skills, connect with Individuals and Clubs,Leagues, Cricket Boards & other sports organizations and find sports related work/opportunities all over the world. It's free to join as well.

Create, manage and build network sponsors:

Pay $10 and activate your sponsorship

  • Top navigation, please click on market place
  • Activate your Sponsorship $10
  • Select it, if you are logged In (otherwise Log-in first)
  • Pay via Paypal

Create Paid Events

  • Register as Club/League/Organization
  • After log-in, go to My Events
  • Create Event
  • Check Mark for Participation Fee?
  • It will show few more fields for paid events

Create Marketplace Item

  • Register as Club/League/Organization
  • After Log-in, go to My Marketplace items
  • Create Item
  • It will be listed in top navigation -> Market Place

Add/Update your promotional Banners (on your Home Page)

  • On your landing page, https://tunntunn.com/{organization-slug}
  • it shows few rotating banners
  • You can add/update your promotional banners
  • for that, log-in to your dashboard
  • Left menu, {Club/League/Organization} Management
  • Home Custom Banners
  • You can add/update images
  • You can set-up direct paid event or market place item link

With Features including:

Interactive Status Page

Invite Friends

Build Network of Friends

Love it, Comment, Share Statuses

Attach Photos/Video in Status

Photo Albums

  • After Logged In -> Left Panel -> My Albums -> My Photos

Video Albums

  • After Logged In -> Left Panel -> My Albums -> My Videos

Referral Points

Blogs, Forums & Groups

Events & Testimonials

In Your Region

Register/Login with Facebook

Register as Individual

Register as Company/Club/League

Messaging System

  • After Logged In -> Left Panel -> My Messages -> Compose Message
  • After Logged In -> Left Panel -> My Messages -> Inbox
  • After Logged In -> Left Panel -> My Messages -> Outbox
  • After Logged In -> Left Panel -> My Messages -> Delete Messages

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